ADFORS formulates a range of adhesives that can be applied to our fabrics.

ADFORS offers three primary adhesive choices:

  • Hot-melt adhesives – Applied to one or both sides of the reinforcement to allow the fabric to be laminated to other substrates at a customer’s facility
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives – Typically applied to one side of the fabric or mesh to give the final product self-adhesive properties
  • Laminating adhesives – Used to bond two or more layers of fabric together to form “complexes”

Generally, adhesives can be designed to have properties, including:

  • Pressure-sensitive (tacky) in the temperature range 0° to 150°F
    (-18° to 66°C)
  • Heat-sealable in the temperature range 200° to 400°F
    (93° to 204°C)
  • Heat-resistant
  • Water-resistant or water soluble