Roads & Highways

Roads & Highways

GlasGrid GP (GlasPave) waterproofing paving mat extends pavement life and reduces project costs. GlasPave provides a more cost-effective solution and is 4-8 times stronger than traditional paving mats.  GlasPave creates not only a strong and effective moisture-resistant membrane, but also a high-tensile strength product.  It is resistant to rot, chemicals and mildew, is thermally stable and does not shrink or change dimensions when exposed to hot mix asphalt.


Paving mat products include:

  • ​GlasPave 25
  • GlasPave 50


Features and benefits include:

  • Easy to install and can be used in milled surfaces
  • Higher tensile strength for delayed reflective cracking
  • Strong waterproofing membrane 
  • No creep for reliable, long-term performance
  • Life cycle cost savings can be realized through reduced maintenance intervals
  • Lower level of asphalt binder required and smaller project carbon footprint make GlasGrid GP environmentally friendly
  • Fully millable and recyclable