FibaTape UltraX

FibaTape UltraXTM Drywall Tape 

Designed for Manufatured & Modular Housing

UltraX™ FibaTape® fiberglass drywall tape for manufactured and modular homes is the latest innovation from Saint-Gobain ADFORS. The self-adhesive mesh tape features a patented multi-directional construction that provides added strength for reinforcing joints in drywall. This construction is especially important in the manufactured and modular housing industry as it provides added protection to wall and ceiling joints throughout the building and relocation process. UltraX™ saves manufacturers time and money by reducing the amount of repairs needed after relocation.

Other benefits include:

  • Patented multi-directional design - Additional fiberglass and extra adhesive help offset lateral movement in a crack, increasing joint strength and structural integrity

  • Increased strength - 60% stronger than standard mesh

  • Wider width - Provides better gap coverage and stress distribution

  • High performance adhesive - Maximum hold and easy application. Works well in fluctuating temperatures, and high humidity environments.

  • Smooth finish - Eliminates blisters and bubbles commonly found when applying paper tape. May be used with all purpose or setting type compounds.

  • Patch & repair - Works great for patch and repair

UltraX Patent #8,795,808