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9 Oct 2017
Saint-Gobain ADFORS Connects with Social Media

(Grand Island, NY) Saint-Gobain ADFORS — A leading manufacturer and supplier of DIY products such as window screen and drywall tape, as well as Industrial fabrics for customized reinforcement solutions – has increased their social media presence. 

Saint-Gobain ADFORS is engaged in a wide variety of social media to connect with customers and end users.  These include:

  • Facebook – Like and follow the ADFORS main page or sub-pages such as: FibaFuse, ADFORS Screen and ESF Fabrics.
  • Twitter – Follow ADFORS for tweets from product information to events.
  • Instagram – Follow ADFORS to learn how contractors and DIYers use our drywall tapes and window screens, and join in on special contests!
  • YouTube – The ADFORS channel has over 100 videos ranging from “How-to” product installations to manufacturing processes.
  • LinkedIn – Stay up-to-date with ADFORS events and employments opportunities.
  • Pinterest – Check out pins for ideas from drywall crafts to backyard getaways.

Follow any of the ADFORS social media accounts to get information on new products, fun and informative videos, contests, and more.

To get additional information on the full line of products offered by Saint-Gobain ADFORS, visit

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