New App

26 Feb 2016
ADFORS Announces New GlasGrid App

ADFORS has recently launched a new GlasGrid app.  Created to help GlasGrid users in the field, this new app features several functions including a product selector guide, troubleshooting support, product videos and product literature.  The app is designed for global users providing each location with the information and products that apply to them.

The features and benefits of the main app functions include:

  • Product Selector Guide – allows customer to select their project requirements to help identify the proper GlasGrid product that should be used with their project
  • Product Pages – explains attributes of each product
  • Troubleshooting – users can upload images of their road issues to our expert technical team for follow-up and assistance
  • Videos – users can watch product videos
  • Literature – product literature, installations guides and technical data sheets to assist users


  Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the new GlasGrid app today!