FibaFuse 36" Wide Wall Reinforcement Fabric

FibaFuse Wide Wall Reinforcement Fabric
10 Jun 2016
FibaFuse 36" Wide Fabric Featured in Walls & Ceilings Magazine Article

FibaFuse Wall Reinforcment Fabric is 36 inches wide and ideal for use with large area wall repairs.  Designed to repairs walls from spider cracking, crumbliing plaster and even wallpaper removal damage, FibaFuse 36 inch wide fabric allows you to repair the wall instead of a having to go through an expensive and time consuming tear out.  FibaFuse is engineered with a porous, open fiber design that allows joint compound to flow through the and bond to the fabric as well as the underlying work surface, for a smooth, uniform finish.

The article's author, Myron Ferguson, talks about how he began to use FibaFuse 36 inch wide, why he likes the product and how to apply the fabric.  Click here to read the article featured in the June issue of Walls & Ceilings! 

To learn more about the FibaFuse line of products click here!

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