16 Jun 2020

Introducing New SunShield Screen

SunShield Insect Screen

SunShield polyester solar screen is an innovative specialty fabric that is designed to block up to 80-90% of the sun’s harmful rays before they pass through your window. The exterior shading provided by SunShield screens can ultimately save on your cooling bills and prevent furniture and carpet...
5 Jun 2020

Introducing Fix It Fast

Fix It Fast - Small Hole Repair Tool

ADFORS new product launch – Fix it Fast small hole repair tool. Fix it Fast is the perfect tool for fast and easy wall repair. The unique design allows compound to flow directly from the spreading knife to quickly fill small holes, small scratches or other imperfections in drywall or plaster....
18 Mar 2020

COVID-19 information

At Saint-Gobain, the health of our employees and our customers is our top priority. We have put in place protective measures in order to continue to meet the essential expectations of our customers and partners, in strict compliance with local and national rules and directives. At its level, the Group strives to play its role as a corporate citizen to protect the health of all and limit the spread of the virus.

Faced with the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, the Saint-Gobain group has organized itself all over the world. For several weeks now, we have taken steps to reduce travel to and from the areas most affected by the pandemic. These measures have been strengthened as the global situation has evolved....
12 Mar 2020

New FibaFuse MAX

Reinforced Paperless Drywall Tape

ADFORS has launched a new product - FibaFuse® MAX Reinforced Paperless Drywall Tape. FibaFuse MAX is an innovative, reinforced paperless drywall tape designed for professional renovators and remodelers. The porous design allows compound to flow through the tape for a stronger bond,...
5 Jun 2019

New FibaTape UltraX

Manufactured & Modular Housing Drywall Tape

ADFORS had launched a new product - FibaTape® UltraX™ drywall tape for maufacured and modular homes. Using UltraX drywall tape saves manufatures time and money by reducing the amount of reparid needed after relocation. Learn More.