Mod-Bit roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

ADFORS reinforcements provide tear strength, puncture resistant, tensile strength and dimensional stability for modified bitumen (modbit) membrane for low slope roofs.  

Our products include fiberglass and polyester scrims, fiberglass knits and laminates all designed to meet ASTM standards (ASTM 6162,6163, 6164 membranes) and can be used in hot mop, torch, cold applications.  All fabric features an acrylic or SBR binder for compatibility with APP or SBS modified bitumen.

Laid Scrim - Choice of yarn type and pick count allows engineered tensile strength and elongation and specialty yarns are available for enhanced fabrics.  Tensile strengths range from 90# up to 400#

Knit - Robust, mechanically fixed fabrics offer exceptional ruggedness through processing and in use.  Tensile strengths range from 500# up to 1,000#

Laminate - ADFORS can laminate to your choice of polyester or glass nonwoven