SRG (strengthening reinforcement grid)

SRG (Strengthening Reinforcement Grid)

SRG, Strengthening Reinforcement Grid, is an alkali-resistant, fiberglass knit grid designed to fortify concrete structures and products.  SRG can be used to reinforce weight-bearing structures or those that must withstand repeated force or impact and unlike steel, SRG will not become corroded and degrade over time. 

Under the US Army Corps of Engineers, SRG was tested for seismic resistance and demonstrated superior strength and ductility when compared to unreinforced walls.

SRG is ideal for concrete projects that require long-term strength such as:

  • Lightweight concrete panels
  • Masonry walls
  • Barrier walls
  • Retaining walls
  • GRFC applications
  • Docks,
  • Concrete floors, balconies and decks