Architectural Shapes (Foam Shape)

Architectural Shapes (Foam Shape Mesh)

Our hybrid mesh is a combination of fiberglass & polyester reinforcement fabric engineered for maximum strength, conformability and adhesion to foam contours.

Our mesh fabric provides reinforcement to increase the strength of architectural foam moldings and reduce breakage.  Our strong adhesive eliminates debonding and won't stretch or bubble for defect-free foam shapes.

Feature & Benefits

More strength – Designed with much greater tensile strength where reinforcement is most needed. Stronger reinforcement makes breakage far less likely.

Greater conformability – Improved flexibility dramatically reduces the potential for debonding from the foam shape.

Reliable adhesion – Solid adhesion to the profile surface eliminates mesh de-bonding from foam contours.

Greater productivity – Strength, flexibility and adhesion eliminate stretching and bubbling for defect-free foam shapes.