ADFORS Innovation

At Saint-Gobain ADFORS, innovation is at the heart of our business. As a result, our customers have access to a wide range of customizable solutions developed using years of experience in innovative industrial fabrics. By utilizing the latest technologies and staying ahead of trends, we can create multiple solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Product Innovation

ADFORS continuously leads the way in delivering innovative new products to the market. We succeed through investing in the latest technologies, an extensive network of R&D centers, and close collaboration with customers to solve challenging problems. Whether they take the form of new applications, innovations, or entirely new goods, new products are an essential component of our success. 

Product Innovation Success Story: Drywall Tape 

ADFORS noticed a gap and need in the drywall joint tape market. Contractors and DIY'ers commonly use standard paper and mesh tape throughout all areas in a home. Our team knew certain applications required specific product characteristics, for example, mold-resistant tape in a bathroom. Our team conducted an in-depth market review by speaking to consumers about current offerings and their expectations regarding a new solution in the market. With market research and the utilization of our multiple textile technologies, we were able to launch application-specific and premium drywall tape solutions for contractors and DIY’ers under the trusted FibaTape brand.   



Partner Success Story: Commercial Roofing

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ADFORS partnered with a major commercial roofing company to help them develop a roofing system that provides high tensile and tear strength characteristics for use in low slope roofing applications.  Through collaborative R&D efforts, ADFORS and our roofing partner selected the proper fabric forming technology and binder chemistry to work optimally with their manufacturing processes and chemistries.  The result was commercializing a low slope roofing system that is FM and Miami Dade County Approved.