FibaTape Super Crackstop

FibaTape Super Crackstop: Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Wall Repair Fabric

Super Crackstop is 36 inches wide making it ideal for a full or complete wall or ceiling replacement.  You'll save the labor involved in tearing out old plaster by simply using our fiberglass mesh repair fabric to create a large patch for the area.  

  • Self-adhesive is especially useful for ceiling repairs 

  • 36" width for reinforcing plaster walls against recurring spider web or alligator cracking

  • Compatible with most plaster, drywall, spackling and stucco materials

  • Requires only thin finish coat of drywall or plaster compound

  • Also reinforces cinder block walls and paneling (requires additional preparation and finishing)

  • Available in single roll covering 225 sq. ft. (36" x 75') and double roll covering 450 sq. ft. (36" x 150)