FibaTape Corner Tapes

FibaTape Composite, Flexible, and Metal Corner Tapes

FibaTape Corner Tapes are designed specifically for both inside and outside corners, and are applied with ordinary drywall joint compound. 

Products include:

  • Composite Corner Tape 

    • For inside and outside corners and off-angles

    • Contractor-quality corners - straight and durable

    • Straightens common framing irregularities

    • Resists dents, chipping and cracking

    • No fasteners required

  • Flexible Corner Tape 

    • For inside and outside corners

    • Unique high-impact polymer formulation

    • Patented sharp corner bead profile produces a crisp, straight finished corner

    • Patented hole pattern assures a positive bond and effective transfer of impact stress

    • Can be easily cut and notched for curves and unusual angles

    • Ultra-thin profile makes feathering and finishing simple and easy

  • Metal Corner Tape 

    • For inside and outside corners

    • Steel reinforcing strips for tough, clean corners

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