Classic Range

The authentic fiberglass wall covering: decorative, soft and resistant

ADFORS Novelio® Classic range provides maximum protection to walls and ceilings whilst bringing time savings for the applicator thanks to a wide range of finishes: pre-painted, pre-glued or self-adhesive.

CleaAir - for improving indoor air quality - and Mold-X - for improving sanitory environment - treatments are available for some articles of this range. 

Key features of ADFORS Novelio® Classic range:

  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Resists abrasion
  • Provides impact resistance
  • Covers all cracks
  • Available with CleanAir and MoldX treatments

ADFORS Novelio Classic Product range:

• Standard - Traditional fiberglass wall coverings
• Prepaint - Pre-painted fiberglass wall coverings. This product saves one layer of paint during application
• EasyGlue - Fiberglass wall coverings with a homogeneous film of glue activated by water. No need for glue
• EasyFix - Fiberglass wall coverings with a self-adhesive layer. No need for glue nor water activation machine

Available with CleanAir treatment for improving Indoor Air Quality and Mold-X treatment for improving Sanitary environment.

Find the best product to match your needs!
Calculations are based on typical application for standard 15 m2 room with walls’ area about 35 m2 (informative values).