Screen Curtains

ADFORS Screen Curtains

ADFORS offers both a doorway screen curtain and both 1 car and 2 car garage screen curtains.  Both types of screen curtains are made with a weighted fiberglass mesh curtain that can easily be hung in a door or garage opening. 

ADFORS Doorway Screen Curtain can be installed in any doorway in a home, patio, camper or RV in a matter of minutes, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air without the expense of installed a permanent screen door.  There are no tools required for installation and the system can simply be used and reused season after season. 

ADFORS Doorway Screen Curtain is 38” x 81” and comes in Charcoal

ADFORS Garage Screen Curtains are easy to install with an innovative hook-and-loop mounting panel system and just a few easy steps.  The 1 car or 2 car Garage Screen Curtain provides excellent ventilation and cooling and will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with pesky insects. 

ADFORS Garage Screen Curtains are  90” x 114” (1 car) or 90” x 202” (2 car) and come in Charcoal