Screen Replacement Kits

ADFORS screen replacement kits provide everything you need to complete your screen replacement project quickly and easily.

Our kits are available in two types of specialty screens, Clear Advantage and Pet Resistant and include enough material to replace the screen of 2 standard windows or 1 standard door.  

Clear Advantage screen is ideal for those that want enhanced outward visibility.  Pet Resistant screen is ideal for areas where pets or children push against the screening —a smart solution for those who repeatedly have to replace screens due to damage.  Learn more about both of these types of screen from the Quick Links section. 

Each Kit Includes:

  • 7’ x 36”roll of Pet Resistant or Clear Advantage Screen*

  • 25’ of .125” or .140"spline

  • Spline installation tool

*Screen replacement kits are also availabe in standard fiberglass on a limited basis