Certified Contractor Program

Introducing the ADFORS Pool & Patio Certified Contractor Program

Who is Eligible?

Pool & Patio screen installers

How Do You Become Certified?

Register to take our ADFORS Certified course either online or in person, attend the course and learn about ADFORS, pass a final exam and you’re done! Click here to register and you can begin to take the Certified Training course.

 *NOTE - Turn off pop-up blocker so program can run properly.  Please make sure the following systems are updated for program to launch properly: Java, Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Windows Media Player

What Does This Mean to You?

Once you become certified, you will receive: a $50 coupon towards your next purchase, ADFORS goodies, and a Certified Contractor listing on the ADFORS website and app. You will also get to enjoy our loyalty rebate program $$$ that will be available only for certified contractors.  In addition, you will receive special promotions and give-a-ways through the year!

What Will This Mean to Your Customer?

Your customers will feel comfortable knowing that they are getting a certified industry expert. ADFORS Certified indicates to a customer that they have made the best choice in product and professional installation for their enclosure.


*Note:  No expiration date on programs, however ADFORS reserves the right to cancel these programs at any time.  Upon doing so ADFORS will give 60 days’ notice in which all rewards due may be claimed and paid out.