Exterior Reinforcement


Fiberglass alternative to metal lath

FibaLath is an innovative fiberglass lath for use in stucco applications and exterior/interior manufactured stone and brick facades.

The unique patented three dimensional profile of FibaLath is self-furring and attaches the same way as metal lath. FibaLath is also lightweight and pliable making it easier and safer to cut and carry compared to metal lath.



Additional features & benefits include:


  • Alkali-resistant for long term performance - will not rust or rot
  • Non-directional which means it can be applied vertically or horizontally
  • Over 4 times lighter than metal lath (per unit area)
  • Meets International Building Code® (IBC) and International Residential Code® (IRC)

Weight Comparison - FibaLath vs. Metal Lath







<< 2.5# metal lath is over 4 times heavier for equal coverage area

<< Using FibaLath results in a >75% weight savings



U.S. Patents: 7,632,763, 7,699,949, 7,786,026, 8,187,401, 7,867,350