Novelio® Mold-X, functional wall coverings improving sanitary environments Mold-X wall coverings stop the development of mold and bacteria on the surfaces immediately and permanently. They maintain their performance on protection of walls and ceilings.

Quality of sanitary environments Mold and bacteria can destroy materials and cause irritation, asthma and various infectious diseases. They both develop quickly under the influence of heat, humidity and of some nutriments (kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms). Mold-X products stop their development on wall surfaces for more than 10 years for a healthier environment.

Measure of the on-surface antifungal activity of the product on molds according to the standard ISO 846: 1997.
Measure of the on-surface antimicrobial activity of the product according to the standard JIS Z 2801: 2000.

Durable protection of the walls:

  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Resists abrasion
  • Impact resistant
  • Covers all cracks