Novelio® CleanAir, a functional wall covering improving indoor air quality Formaldehyde in the air drops in less than 72 hours.
CleanAir wall coverings absorb immediately and permanently 70% of the formaldehyde present in the air. They maintain their performance on protection of walls and ceilings.

Formaldehyde is a harmful substance released in the air:

  • In the short term, it can cause headaches, irritation, asthma, nausea & discomfort
  • In the long term, this VOC* is carcinogenic Formaldehyde content in the air is high after a renovation or a new construction: it is mainly released from glues, paints, floor coverings, laminated furniture, etc. Novelio® CleanAir immediately absorbs 70% of the formaldehyde and does not release it.

Durable protection of the walls:

  • Reinforces delicate surfaces
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Covers all cracks

NOVELIO® CleanAir paintable wall coverings absorb and permanently capture 70% of formaldehyde from the air, even through several layers of acrylic paint. They begin working immediately and provide a long-lasting effect, making them an ideal solution for public spaces, including schools and healthcare facilities, as well as residential buildings.