Reducing environment noise, a daily problem In restaurants, dining rooms or other rooms used for entertaining, it is often difficult to be understood without raising your voice or even to follow a conversation. Environment noise leads to an uncomfortable situation.

In the working environment, open spaces can be the source of tiredness, stress and can even cause a drop in performance. Multiple noise distracts employees concentration. An investigation by JNA/IPSOS in March 2011 shows that 51% of people working in open spaces declare they are distracted by a noisy environment.

During conferences or lessons, it is often difficult to follow the speech because of the surrounding noise. The effort to remain attentive can cause headaches or irritability. In a room dedicated to Home video, it is difficult to obtain the same result as in a cinema. Sound perception is disturbed.

How can acoustic discomfort be reduced in these situations?

Novelio® Acoustic provides the solution with a high-performance product

  • Absorbs up to 50% of sound noise in the room
  • Belongs to the D class of acoustic absorption with a coefficient of Alpha sabine αw = 30%
  • Reduces noise propagation in high traffic areas and echo in unfurnished rooms