FibaTape Drywall Tape & Accessories

The FibaTape® family includes a complete range of innovative drywall joint tapes and reinforcing products for both professionals and DIYers. This line includes self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tapes and corner tapes, patch and wall repair, sanding tools and accessories, ready-to-use wall patching compound and roof repair products.

FibaTape products were created to work with specific boards: Cement board tape for cement board, veneer plaster tape for plaster, etc. This high-performance solutions system – designed to be easier, faster and stronger – also delivers excellent value and performance.

Also a part of the drywall joint tape family of products is our FibaFuse® brand.  FibaFuse is a revolutionary line of paperless drywall joint tapes and wall reinforcement fabrics. Designed for professional renovators and remodelers, FibaFuse is an ideal alternative to paper tape.

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