FibaFuse Paperless Drywall Products

FibaFuse products are made from a revolutionary glass mat fabric, making them the only completely paperless drywall finishing and repair products on the market.  There are several benefits to using FibaFuse products for drywall finishing and repair, including the sheer fact that because FibaFuse is paperless, they're naturally mold and mildew resistant.  Professional contractors who make the switch to FibaFuse are increasingly happy with the results.  

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Additional FibaFuse Features & Benefits:

  • Porous design allows compound to flow through the tape and adhere to the wall - eliminating the risk of blisters or bubbles AND decreasing drying time

  • FibaFuse fully embeds to the wall - making it over 60% stronger than paper drywall tape once fully embedded

  • Easy to apply with any taping tool - complete projects efficiently and effectively